Meltio Engine
Robot Integration

With no size limitations, turn a robot arm into a metal 3D printing system. The Meltio Engine Robot Integration is the ideal platform for large and complex 3D printing, repair, cladding, and feature addition.

Meltio Engine Robot Integration Metal 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Cladding Repair

Robotic Metal 3D Printing Integration

The Meltio Engine is the most cost-effective large-scale metal 3D printing solution on the market, which connects to any robot arm maker and interface

High Complexity

Produce intricate pieces with unrestricted freedom


Turn any robot arm into a metal 3D printing system to provide it with new functionality

Part Repair

Part replacement, component repair, and feature addition are cost-effective.

Large Size

There are no limitations when the working area is limited only by the size of the motion system

Meltio Engine Specifications

Dimensions (W*D*H):


Print Envelope (X*Y*Z):

inherent to motion system



Laser Power:


Laser Type:

multiple 200W Direct Diode Lasers

Laser Wavelength:


Process Control:

closed-loop, laser and wire modulation

Power Input:

208/230V Single Phase or 400V Three Phase

Power Consumption:

2-5kW peak depending on selected options

Wire Feeds:

from one K300 spool up to two external wire drums

Wire Feedstock:

0.8-1.2mm wire diamater

Powder Feeds:

external plug and play powder feeders

Powder Feedstock:

45 to 90um particle size


water-cooled chiller included

Open Materials Platform

Meltio recommends printing the bulk of the parts with metallic wire – the cleanest, safest and lowest cost metal feedstock in the market. If the desired build material is not available in wire form, powder can be used.

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Stainless Steel

Stainless Steels

Corrosion-resistant and provides excellent durability

Mild Steel Prostar ES70S 6 10um

Mild Steels

With its low price, ductility, and ease of machinability and weldability…

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Carbon Steels

Carbon Steels

It has high impact strength and keeps its hardness even in higher temperatures.

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Titanium


It is the most durable, has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, and is corrosion-resistant.

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Inconel


Outstanding heat and corrosion resistance, with high versatility.

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Copper


Under Development.

Safe and Reliable

Meltio’s Laser Metal Deposition process does not require industrial infrastructure and is instead built around the wire, which is the safest, cleanest, and most affordable metal feedstock in the market.

M450 Machine
wire powder

Open Materials Platform

Using a single wire, dual wire, or wire and powder materials, you may achieve exceptional mechanical properties. At the moment, Meltio’s technique supports steel, titanium, and Inconel alloys.

Industrial Applications

Meltio is useful for various tasks, from lab research to part replacement. It can be used across industrial prototyping, mold and die, one-offs, short runs, mass manufacturing, maintenance, cladding, and repair.

industrial applications meltio

Upgrades and Accessories

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Hot Wire

A power source that can be programmed to heat the material beforehand, thereby increasing the deposition rate

Meltio Multi Metal 3D Printing Dual Wire Alloy Fly Metal Matrix Composites Functional Gradients 1

Dual Wire

With this option, you can 3D print two wire materials in succession with very little time in between switches.

imagem 2022 06 18 050540447

Powder Feeder

Required to 3D print from powder feedstock. This process allows you to mix metals instantly

imagem 2022 06 16 182948163


Feed from an outside wire source. For convenience, drums from 100 kg are permitted.

Meltio Engine Robot Integration: Turn a Robot Arm into a 3D Metal Printer

Looking to add a 3D metal printer to your workshop? Metal Tech has you covered. Meltio Engine robot integration turns any robotic arm into a powerful 3D metal printer. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, our easy-to-use software makes it simple to get up and running with your new printer. Plus, our wide range of printing capabilities means you can create anything from small parts to large prints.

Meltio Engine Robot Integration Offers Huge Flexibility to Any Business

The Meltio Engine robot integration offers unparalleled flexibility to businesses in the manufacturing industry. By integrating a robot arm with a 3D metal printer, this technology allows for the cost-effective production of high-complexity parts and components. With the ability to quickly make changes or alterations, the Meltio Engine robot integration can greatly reduce downtime and increase efficiency in the production process. Additionally, this innovative technology opens up new possibilities for customizable and personalized products.

The Meltio Engine robot integration allows for a robot arm to be retrofitted to a 3D metal printer. This opens up a range of opportunities, including the ability to print larger parts and use the robot arm for part repair or post-processing tasks. Additionally, having a robot arm integrated with the 3D metal printer offers increased flexibility and precision in the printing process. Overall, the Meltio Engine robot integration can significantly enhance the capabilities of a 3d metal printer and result in improved efficiency and productivity for manufacturing businesses.

Why Should You Consider Meltio Engine Robot Integration?

When it comes to integrating robotic technology into your manufacturing process, the Meltio Engine Robot integration is a safe and reliable option. One of the unique features of this robot arm for 3D printing is its open materials platform, allowing for ultimate flexibility in the types of materials you can work with. It also has a range of industrial applications, from repairing and modifying traditional metal products.

And as technology continues to evolve and improve, the Meltio Engine Robot is upgradeable to incorporate the latest advancements. For example, you can upgrade your machine with hot wire, dual wire, and powder feeder features. Whether you’re just starting to explore the possibilities of robotic automation or looking to expand your current capabilities, the Meltio Engine Robot is worth considering for your next project.

Metal Tech Is the Leading Provider of Meltio Engine Robot Integration

As Australia’s leading provider of Meltio Engine Robot Integration, Metal Tech offers cost-effective solutions for all of your industry needs. Our team prides itself on superior service, ensuring that each client experiences a seamless integration process. With Metal Tech, you can trust that your robot systems will be running at peak performance in no time. Furthermore, our industry expertise allows us to offer tailor-made packages according to the unique needs of each client. When it comes to Meltio Engine Robot Integration, there’s no better choice than Metal Tech. Let us show you why we’re the industry leader.

Meltio Engine Robot Integration Metal 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Cladding Repair

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