Weld beads are precisely stacked on top of one another, in powder or wire form, as they enter the laser-generated melt pool when utilizing LMD (laser metal deposition), which is a Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technique.

LaserLaser metal depositiondeposition

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Directed Energy Deposition Wire Powder Laser Deposition Wire Powder 1

Multi-laser Deposition Head

Meltio is able to process wire and powder at the same time, with a deposition head that contains multiple lasers.

Meltio Safe Reliable Metal 3D Printing Technology 1

Safe and Reliable

The 3D printing process mainly uses wire because it is the safest, cleanest, and easiest to work with metal feedstock

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Hybrid Manufacturing CNC 1

Integration Ready

With no inherent size limitations, create a hybrid manufacturing system from an existing CNC or robotic platform.

Meltio Multi Metal 3D Printing Dual Wire Alloy Fly Metal Matrix Composites Functional Gradients 1

Multi Material

Use our dual print wire to hard-face or protect against corrosion, or mix and match alloys to create new ones while working.

Process Stability

The metal 3D printing process is constantly monitored and corrected by process control.

Maintenance Ready

Reliable and long-lasting, with easy accessibility to all components for preventative maintenance.

High Power

This machine is equipped with a 1.2 kW laser and an optional hot wire system for enhanced deposition rates.

Extremely Efficient

The material is entirely utilized, and the heat input is kept to a minimum with this wire deposition method.

Open Materials Platform

Meltio suggests that you print most of the parts with metallic wire. It’s cheaper, cleaner, and safer than other metal feedstocks. If your desired build material isn’t available in wire form, powder can be used as an alternative.

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Stainless Steel

Stainless Steels

Corrosion-resistant and provides excellent durability.

Mild Steel Prostar ES70S 6 10um

Mild Steels

With its low price, ductility, and ease of machinability and weldability…

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Carbon Steels

Carbon Steels

It has high impact strength and keeps its hardness even in higher temperatures.

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Titanium


It is the most durable, has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, and is corrosion-resistant.

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Inconel


Outstanding heat and corrosion resistance, with high versatility.

Meltio Metal 3D Printing Material Wire Powder Copper


Under Development.

Excellent Mechanical Properties

With Meltio’s compact heat-affected zone process, you can achieve exceptional mechanics, decreased thermal stress, and near-isotropic properties. This process exceeds the properties of both casting and forging materials.

Metal 3D Printing Solutions

Choose the package that suits your manufacturing requirements; turn-key metal 3D printer, CNC integration for hybrid manufacturing or robotic integration for large components.

M450 Machine

Meltio M450 3D Printer

buy meltio engine cnc integration

Meltio Engine CNC Integration

buy meltio engine robot integration

Meltio Engine Robot Integration

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