Terms of Sale

Thirty days from the issue date.
Twelve (12) months from the date of delivery.
Free to the door of the purchaser’s factory.
To be advised.
Delivery to Factory, Installation of the contract-listed equipment, including; assembly, set-up, commissioning and operator training.
The quoted prices have been based on AUD, and any variation in the exchange rate at the time of payment by us would be to your account.
  • Crane and/or forklift hire costs as required during unloading and installation
  • Air, electrical and dust extraction connections between the equipment and the main supply
  • Production materials required during set-up and commissioning
  • Foundations and any other building-related works needed before or during installation or to provide suitable access to the site
  • Only for Customers outside the Brisbane metropolitan area, technicians, airfares and accommodation.
20% deposit with order.
Balance payable on or before delivery of goods.
The quotation is a Confidential Document between RJS Tech Pty. Ltd. and the purchaser deemed to be the Company to whom the received quote is addressed.
The following are the terms under which RJS Tech Pty. Ltd. ABN 166 185 137 of 1284 Lytton Road, Hemmant Qld 4174, the Affiliate of Metal Tech and the Supplier of the Equipment, Sells the Products and provides Services in Australia and New Zealand.
The Warranty covers mechanical, electrical and electronic parts against manufacturing defects. The Warranty is for twelve months or one thousand nine hundred and eighty (1980) hours, whichever expires first. Using more than eight hours daily will reduce the term proportionately. The Warranty commences from the date of installation at the purchaser’s premises. The Warranty regards the parts that, in the manufacturer’s definite opinion, have manufacturer’s defects.
Parts subject to normal wear and damages caused by tampering or improper use of the machine are excluded, e.g. no proper dust extraction, motors overloading, pneumatic components damaged by wet or dirty air supply or electronic components damaged by voltage fluctuation.
All drive belts, roller and ball bearings, fuses, globes and heating elements are not covered by Warranty. Hardware or Software Faults are resulting from external connections, e.g. internet or any additional source, will not be covered under Warranty.
During Warranty, parts are supplied free of charge, while the transport cost will be the purchaser’s charge if the part is not carried in stock by Metal Tech.
Any reimbursement for damages due to lost production caused by machine faults (or any other indirect damages to things or persons) is excluded.
Any deformity, apparent defects or missing parts must be reported within ten days of the machine’s delivery.
A Statement of Acceptance for every machine must be filled in and sent to Metal Tech, or any warranty claim will not be verified.
Expenses including travel, board and lodging for our technicians outside our service areas, meaning country or interstate regions, is to the purchaser’s account, as are any costs associated with machines sent to our premises for repair.
The obligations of the purchaser are to:
Provide convenient access to, and possession of the site, proper foundations for the installation and adequate crane or lifting tackle; the cost for a crane or lifting tackle hire is to the purchaser’s account.
To make the necessary provisions for all lighting, water, air and electrical services, including wiring, that may be required for the installation. A Voltage Stabiliser should be installed in the case of Voltage Fluctuations of more than +/- 8%. For C.N.C. Equipment, the operating temperature is +5º minimum to +35º maximum; temperatures outside these mentioned require a Cooling Unit.
Provide all materials necessary for the setting, testing or demonstrating the machinery when erected on the purchaser’s premises.
Technician expenses, including travel, board and lodging for our technicians outside our service areas, meaning country or interstate regions, are to the purchaser’s account, as are any costs associated with machines sent to our premises for repair. Expenses related to re-adjusting or re-aligning a machine that has been altered or tampered with after original installation and after acceptance will be charged to the purchaser.
This quotation does not include the cost of disconnection and connection or the supply of suitable electric, gas, water, air or other services and their associated control equipment.
All orders are subject to acceptance by the Supplier. The Customer may not cancel an order once the Supplier accepts it. Before buying, the Customer must give seven (7) days notice in writing of its intention to cancel the order. A cancellation fee may be sought or deducted from any deposit held.